How Can I Resolve Vmscsi Event Id 9?

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    You may encounter an error code that indicates vmscsi event ID 9. There are several ways to solve this problem, which we will talk about a little later. The cause of the problem Event ID 129 means guitar memory expired. Indeed, the tap-ctl errors on Dom0 indicated that the read request failed at the point indicated above. This is why this problem came up. Too many Paid I / O requests concurrently, hard disk I / O performance tuning required.

    In most of the cases that experts say they have seen, these error ideas are posted because of problemsWith the health of the device connected to a specific SCSI controller.

    First, make sure you have the latest drivers and BIOS installed to get the SCSI controller. Check


    If the connected device is usually an 80-pin SCA drive, you will need

    Answer ID 511

    vmscsi event id 9

    If the connected resource is a tape drive, video library, or scanner, change the following settings in the SCSISelect utility (BIOS):

    • Log into SCSISelect by pressing Ctrl-A while booting the entire system.
    • For 2-channel SCSI controllers, select the appropriate channel. For
    • Go to Configure / View Host Adapter Settings.
    • If the SCSI controller is no longer connected to the system, disable the BIOS. In the case of 2-channel SCSI controllers, the BIOS can be disabled from a channel that the boot device is not using. To do this, go to Advanced Configuration and set SCSI Int 13 Controller Support to Disabled. If you would like to use a SCSI device with an attached SCSI controller, leave for each of ourSCSI controllers support Int 13 “to” Enabled “. Advanced
    • under Configuration, set Domain Validation to Disabled. Press Esc to exit.
    • Go to SCSI Device Configuration.
    • For a questionable SCSI device ID, set Initiate Broad Negotiation to None. This will automatically change the actual Sync Transfer Rate to 40MB / s, Bundled to No, QAS to No, and BIOS Multi-LUN Support to No. If necessary, you can reset the BIOS to Yes to support multiple LUNs.
    • Set the software question “Allow Disabled” to “No” for each SCSI ID.
    • Set Send Start Device Command to No. Esc
    • for the SCSI ID of the mapped device.

    • Double click to actually exit the menu, save changes.
    • Press Esc again, exit the utility and restart the podium.

    After checking what messages abouterrors no longer appear in the Windows event log, BIOS settings can be changed one at a time.

    In general, equipment health problems can be due to completely poor cabling, termination or baud rate, slow or slow device response, and it could be a faulty device. See Microsoft Knowledge Base Article

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    vmscsi event id 9

    Make a note of all the contacts of the device model and firmware version and, in addition to checking the manufacturer, check all the problems mentioned.

    On Windows Server 2003, you can view the device model and firmware version in the following registry location:

    See Also


    I have several front-end Exchange 2003 servers, they areThey are virtual machines, and both are in different physical Linux boxes through which the VMware servers in my dmz pass.

    A few days ago, all of the Nagios status updates for one of them timed out, plus the ping was getting more error rates. On this particular Exchange front-end VM, under the platform section of the Event Viewer, I have Others (the sections don’t go up very noticeably, these are spam notifications working to resolve this issue):

      Event type: errorEvent Source: vmscsiEvent Category: NoneEvent ID: 9Date: 12.12.2009Time: 9:25:19User: N / AComputer: FOODescription:Device  Device  Scsi  vmscsi1 did not respond within timeout. 

    On Linux, I don’t see many types of / var / log / messages or / var / log / vmware (or whatever) that give me any clues. In the Sar log I see a higher IOWait value of ~ 22 with this time than I thought elsewhere, usually it is only peak times around 11 when the backup is in progress, which was not the case at the time. This could have been due to a dropping drive associated with a bay. SomeoneKnow how to check this on the Poweredge 2950 (try dset?).

    How do I fix event ID 9?

    According to Microsoft: Reason:Permission:Obtain an updated domain controller certificate. The Kerberos visitor validates the domain controller’s certificate to ensure secure communications.Remove the certificate from the domain controller that is no longer valid.Apply for a new certificate.Check.

    I read about the additional front-end virtual machine (I’m not sure what that means, master browser?):

      Event type: errorEvent Source: MRxSmbEvent Category: NoneEvent ID: 8003Date: 12.12.2009Time: 9:33:16User: N / AComputer: FOODescription:The main user received a server advertisement far from the computer FOO02, believing that this is the main browser for accessing the domain on the NetBT_Tcpip transport _ {..... The main browser does not work or a different one is forced to be selected. 

    So apart from the basic questions above, I really want to know what happened as everything seems to have recovered heavily on its own, any ideas?

    I found this new utility Megacli for me, but the day after this actual event I see a lot:

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  •   Code: 0x00000071Class: 0Regional settings: 0x02Event Description: Known unforeseen events: PD 03 (e1 / s3), CDB: 28 double zero 0a 8c 60 5d 00 00 2007 00, which means: f0 00 drive 0a 8c 60 5d 0a 00 50 00 00 11 00 00 50 00 0Event data:============Device ID: Index: 3P  space 1Slot number: 3 

    How do I fix Event ID 7001?

    Find dependencies on almost any Windows service.Improve the performance of your system by optimizing disks.Reset TCP / IP in Windows 10.We start the network. TCP Port Sharing Service.Disable TCP port sharing through Control Panel.

    From / opt / MegaRAID / MegaCli / MegaCli -AdpEventLog -GetEvents -f events.log -aALL && pet cat events.log . Doesn’t sound very good, do I know what it exactly means?

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    Identyfikator Zdarzenia Vmscsi 9
    Vmscsi Händelse-id 9
    Id. De Evento 9 De Vmscsi
    ID D’événement Vmscsi 9
    Идентификатор события Vmscsi 9
    Vmscsi-Ereignis-ID 9
    Vmscsi 이벤트 ID 9
    Id De Evento De Vmscsi 9
    Vmscsi-gebeurtenis-ID 9
    ID Evento Vmscsi 9

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