Tips For Fixing PS3 Media Server Error 501

In this guide, we are going to find out some of the possible reasons that might cause PS3 media server error 501 and after that, we will share some ways that you can try to solve this problem.

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    This is a media connection system error that can occur when you connect your console to this server. The error can be caused by a lost connection while transferring content from the WD network in the store to your PS3.

    Today I set up your Plex server. This way I can access it from my phone and other laptops, but my PS3 doesn’t necessarily want to connect to it. PS3 sees the problem but throws an error when trying to access this video folder:

    ps3 media server error 501

    I searched the web and couldn’t find a solution to the problem in the article. I can’t use the official Plex app because I don’t have a Plex Pass. Is there any workaround


    The Digital Living Network Alliance, or DLNA, allows every PlayStation 3 to connect to a brand new network to share data. With this player, you can playGeo files and your favorite songs from other devices with DLNA efficiency over the network, such as your PC. If you’re having problems connecting to PlayStation Network when DLNA is enabled on your PlayStation, there are several troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the error.

    Inspect the network cables to make sure the device you are using is properly connected to the router, as is your DLNA media server.


    Check the router’s signal by downloading its software. Wireless, your message must be transmitted over 802.11b and 802.11g networks.

    Restart the DLNA media server and disconnect the device from the router. Please wait a few minutes before reconnecting to these devices to reactivate them.

    Turn off On dlna on your PlayStation if the first three steps didn’t solve your problem. Type “Settings” and then “Network Settings” into the start menu. Press the “X” tab on your controller. Enter the product for “Media Server Connection” and press “X” again. In addition to this option, highlight Disable and press X,to stop DLNA file sharing.

    Are you experiencing a Windows 10 streaming issue with your PlayStation 3 media server? Well, that might be bad for many PS3 users as they won’t be able to stream the video.

    PS3 is really handy for streaming TV or movies, editing videos, browsing the web, listening to music, displaying portraits, playing games and more.

    But if you’re one of those users who use PS3 but point to a media server, this article is for you.

    Here you’ll get low-cost workarounds to fix the PlayStation 3 click server issue that occurs every time you stream on Windows 10 and continue to work with your PS3 without any problems.

    How Do I Fix Windows 10 Streaming Issue With PlayStation 3 Media Server?

    How do I connect my PS3 to the media server?

    Turn on DLNA by going to Settings > Network Settings > Media Center Connection (you only need to do this permanently the first time).Go to the “Video” section (or “Audio” if you want music).Select PS3 Media Server.Select the desired video and it will start streaming.

    These are some of the mentioned fixes that will probably help you fix your PS3 media device catapult problem and you will be able to stream music video lessons without interruption again.

    Solution 1: Make Sure Your PS3 Media Server Isn’t Blocked By Your Firewall

    ToIf you’ve fixed the PS3 media server streaming issue on Windows 10, make sure your system firewall isn’t blocking it either.

    ps3 media server error 501

    To help, try disabling Windows Firewall completely. Follow these steps to disable the Windows 10 firewall:

  • Go to the “Search in local panel” section, type firewall and select “Windows Firewall Defender” from the list of results.
  • Click Turn on Windows Firewall or.
  • Select “Turn off Windows Defender Firewall” (recommended) in personal and user network settings.
  • You must enter part of the administrator password or confirm that most users want to turn off Windows Firewall.
  • After disabling the firewall, be sure to start PS3 and check if the Windows 10 PS3 media server is not working properly or not.

    Fix Only: Find Your Device’s MAC Address And Allow Media Sharing On That Device

    In order to resolve the problem of streaming Windows 10 from PlayStation 3 Media Server, you should considerFind the MAC name of your device and authorize this media sharing tool.

  • Open Control Panel and go to Network and Sharing Center.
  • Click “Change settings for advanced sharing options”.
  • Make sure Network and File and Printer Sharing are set to TV.
  • After that, click on Media Streaming.
  • Click on the Show Rejected Devices panel, then select All Networks.
  • Here you can see unknown devices. Double click each unknown device and then check its MAC address.
  • Find the drive that matches your PS3’s MAC address and allow the device to share media.
  • Once you’ve approved your media distribution device, try streaming and see if this PlayStation 3 media server works without problems on Windows 10.

    Fix 3: Enable If You Want To Share Media Between TVs And Game Consoles

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  • Here is another solution that will surely help you solve the problem of Windows 10 streaming from PlayStation 3 Media Server.

    Enabling media sharing for consoles and TVs can also resolve media hosting issues on Windows 10 Ps3. Follow the steps below to continue:

  • Click on found icon
  • Type Windows Control Panel and press Enter.
  • Select Network, then Internet > HomeGroup.
  • Leave one of our current homegroups.
  • Go to PC Settings > Homegroup and create a new homegroup. Make sure media sharing is turned on for TVs and game consoles.
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