Best Way To Fix Changing Sata Mode To Ide In Phoenix BIOS Issues

You should check out these troubleshooting ideas when you learn how to change Sata to ide mode in Phoenix BIOS error message.

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    Press the F2 key at the Sun logo screen to open the BIOS setup menu. In the BIOS Utility dialog box, select Advanced -> IDE Configuration. The IDE configuration menu will appear. From the IDE configuration menu, select “Configure SATA As” and press Enter.

    How do I change from SATA mode to AHCI to IDE compatibility mode?

    Turn on your computer.Go to advanced BIOS settings and select SATA controller mode in this section.Change the SATA controller mode to [Compatibility].Save new settings and exit BIOS.

    Hard drive controllers are often connected to the motherboard using the Serial Advanced Technology Attachment connector or the drive’s onboard electronics connector. SATA drives are newer than IDEs, so older operating systems of these systems, for example, after Windows XP, do not notice this technology without additional drivers. However, you can use Basic I / O — the tutorial to customize your computer — to change the way the desktop simulates SATA devices. If you are valid if you need to use an older approach to access old hardware or packages for your business, switch sata mode to IDE so that most operating systems would consider a disk nearly impossible.

    Restart or turn on your computer and look for a frequency such as “Press [X], go to setup” or “Press [X] to enter BIOS.”

    Follow the prompts on the home screen to start setting up. Press “Ctrl-Alt-Del” to restart if the computer starts to boot Windows just before you can enter BIOS.


    Use the arrow keys to select an effective option such as Advanced, Integrated Peripherals, or Basic Settings. Press Enter. “

    How do I change Primary IDE Master in BIOS?

    Restart or turn on the computer and look for the message “Press [X] to enter setup” or “Press [X] to enter BIOS”.Follow the instructions on the home screen to start the setup.Use the keyAnd with arrows to select an option such as Advanced, Integrated Peripherals, or Primary. Press Enter. “

    Select storage configuration, disk configuration, IDE configuration, or similar if available. Press Enter. “

    Should SATA mode be AHCI or IDE?

    In general, IDE mode provides excellent compatibility with older hardware. However, in IDE mode, the hard drive can be much slower. If a person wants to install more than one hard drive and take advantage of the advanced SATA features, AHCI mode is the best choice.

    Check the configuration for alternatives such as Configure SATA As, SATA Mode, SATA or Config, Built-in SATA.

    how to change sata mode to ide in phoenix bios

    Press Enter. Select “IDE”, “Compatible” and “ATA” from the menu and press “E” againnter “. If pressing Enter does not open the menu, press + or – to change the recommendation for the parameter.


    Click to return to the main menu, select the Exit tab. Choose the exact option to exit BIOS and save changes.

    What is IDE configuration in BIOS?

    IDE – This option causes the SATA drive to function like a PATA hard drive (IDE), which was previously common on Windows systems. When this parameter is required, the SATA drive cannot use advanced features such as native command line and hot plugging, and SATA 3Gb / s and 6Gb / s drives will not operate at speeds over 1.5Gb / s.

    Press Enter to restart your computer and load the SATA drive as an IDE device.

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    • The configuration is system dependent. If necessary, refer to the documentation that came with your motherboard or computer motherboard for further assistance.
    • Before setting scheduled mode, please configure SATA mode.
    • Elements for whichSome of the BIOS settings are incorrect and could potentially cause your system to malfunction.

    If you are constantly installing Windows XP to an SSD or SATA hard drive, Windows Setup may display a real blue screen during startup. We just have a problem inside the Windows PE boot disk when we start a faulty computer to fix your computer. The Windows PE boot disk probably doesn’t recognize your SATA hard drive. What is the cause of these problems? Let me reveal a serious sentence of truth and an easy way to tackle this problem.

    SATA is truly a new type of interface through which hard drives are connected to the motherboard (motherboard) of a computer and replaces the old IDE standard. Since 2009, sata has replaced the IDE in most desktops and / or laptops. The difference between a very SATA hard drive and regular IDE drives is likely to be, among other things, that SATA can provide incredibly higher bandwidth and data transfer rates.

    You have nothing to worry about, unless you usually buyOr a new computer with a SATA hard drive, and then decide to install an older version of Windows on XP, which has it installed instead of the new Microsoft Windows 7. The operating system that it depends on is installed.

    The problem is that your good old Windows XP installation CD was never seen in SATA drives when it was made, so obviously there is no driver in that item. When your company tries to install an operating system, it detects that the build process is failing and usually displays a dark blue screen indicating that there is a driver for the remaining hard drive.

    Don’t worry. There is a very simple solution where the SATA hard drive behaves like an IDE hard drive. By following these simple steps, you can put your computer into SATA compatibility mode one time and use the Windows XP operating system again.

    1. Turn on your computer. As the computer boots, keep pressing to release the F2 key to enter BIOS setup. (Some laptops may use different keys forBIOS loads such as Delete, F1, F12, Esc, etc.)
    2. When you enter your company’s BIOS, go to extended range and select SATA controller mode in this section.
    3. Change the SATA controller to technology [compatibility].
    4. Save the settings again and restore the BIOS. Let the computer start up.

    The exact options menu in the BIOS of the best motherboard may differ, but with phrases such as “Configure SATA”, “SATA Mode”, “Controller Mode SATA”, “SATA Operation”, “Configure SATA As”, etc. SATA is enabled from AHCI / RAID mode to IDE compatibility mode.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect

  • Restart your computer. The SATA drive is emulated as an exclusive IDE drive. Everything should work fine.

    how to change sata mode to ide in phoenix bios

    PS: Check out the following pictures of a person, you should know how to change SATA mode in different BIOS:

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