Solving Exim-Mailman Group Mismatch Error

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    If you get the error message “exim postman group mismatch”, today’s manual is created to help you.


    exim4 4.69-9 + lenny4

    Postman 1: 2.1.11-11 + lenny2

    exim mailman group mismatch error

    Postman or Exim. However, when I feel like it, I make the following mistakes

    The Debian-exim group. Try to optimize your mail server so that

    ## List of Factors at http://lists.exim.org/mailman/listinfo/exim-users
    ## Exim Details for http://www.exim.org/
    ## Use a combo wiki here http://www.exim.org/

    ad (or create a new one to handle it if you

    ## Listing information at http://lists.exim.org/mailman/listinfo/exim-users
    ## Exim information only at http://www.exim.org/
    ## Use the wiki page next to this list http://www.exim.org/

    Steph Hoesley’s contribution

    The Debian-exim group. Try to optimize this mail server so that

    # Home directory for your current Mailman installation – also known as the Mailman prefix

    ## Listing details at http://lists.exim.org/mailman/listinfo/exim-users
    ## Exim variants at http://www.exim.org / < br> ## Use a wiki with this list http://www.exim.org/

    Send via Drava Sloane

    Debian 5.0.8exim4 4.69-9 + lenny4postman 1: 2.1.11-11 + lenny2

    Postman and Exim. Regardless, I get the following error when I want to

    The Debian-exim group. Try an optimized mail server to get

    Dave Fisher postman-users at davefisher.co.uk
    Thu, 8 January 00:00:46 CET 2004

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