You Have A Problem With Debugging 100 Cpu

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    In recent days, some of our users have encountered an error code with the Debug 100 processor. This issue can occur for several reasons. Let’s discuss this now.

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  • This article applies to: .NET Core 3.1 SDK and up

    In a kind of tutorial, you will learn how to debug a scenario with excessive CPU usage. If you are using the provided sample source code repository for ASP.NET Core Word Wide Web App , you are intentionally causing a crash. All endpoints become unresponsive and the threads are carefully built up. You will learn how to use different tools for this assessment scenario with several key pieces of diagnostic data.


    CPU Counter

    How do I debug high CPU usage?

    Collect thread dumps related to thread status and contact monitoring.Capture the content of streams with maximum CPU usage within 5 minutes when running jvmtop utility.The capture method even runs CPU profiling data for 5 hours using the jvmtop thread.Keep container logs for the duration of the assessment.

    Before attempting to receive diagnostic data, you must enter a high CPU state. Run this sample application by following the instructions below from your project root.

      dotnet works 
      dotnet-trace ps 

    Notice the process id from your command output. Our course ID was 22884 , but yours will definitely be different. To check the existing CPU usage, use the dotnet-counters method command:

      dotnet-counters monitor --refresh-interval 1 -p  refresh-interval  22884 

    This is the number of the smallest bit between the CPU levels that poll the counter. The output should be similar if you need:

      Press p to pause, ur to continue, q to exit.   Status: Running[System execution]    % time in GC only latery that last GC (%) 0    Placement Rate / 1 Securities and Exchange Commission (B) 0    CPU utilization (%) 0    Exception counter / one second 0    GC Heap Size (MB) 4    Generation GC score 0/60 from 0    Gen 0 size (B) 0    1st Generation GC Account / 60s 0    1st generation size (B) 0    GC Gen 2 / 60s 0 countdown    Gen 2 Size (B) 0    LOH size (B) 0    Track the number of foreclosure conflicts / 1 Securities and Exchange Commission 0    Number of active timers 1    Number of loaded units 140    ThreadPool Number of work items completed in 1 second 3    Thread pool queue length 0    ThreadPool number of threads 7    Working set (MB) 63 

    If the iphone web app is running, the CPU is not used immediately after starting, let alone a message like 0% . Navigate to api / diagscenario / highcpu from the route with 60000 after setting the route:

    Is CPU supposed to be at 100%?

    The processors are designed to operate reliably at 100% CPU utilization. However, you should avoid these situations if they cause a noticeable slowdown in the game.

    Now run the dotnet-counters command again. To track only cpu-usage , some people point to System.Runtime [cpu-usage] as a command.

      dotnet-counters monitor --counters System.Runtime [cpu-usage] -p 22884 --refresh-interval 1 

    You must See an improvement in CPU usage as confirmed below:

      Press p to pause, r to continue, q to exit.   Status: Running[System execution]    CPU utilization (%) 25 

    During the execution of the request, the CPU utilization will be greater than 25%. Different CPU utilization can be expected depending on the batch processing machine.

    At some point, you can rest assured that your current processor is performing better than your business expects.

    Creating Tracks

    When analyzing slow sentences, you need a diagnostic tool that can give you an idea of ​​what the code is doing. The usual option is a profiler, and there are already several profiler options to choose from.

    See Also

    Next Steps

    • Article
    • 4 hours to read.
    • Examine high loadLow CPU.
    • Measure CPU usage with dotnet counters
    • Use dotnet-trace to search by generation
    • Profile Performance in PerfView
    • Diagnostics and elimination of excessive CPU usage.

    To see much higher CPU usage, you can run a regular endpoint in multiple browsers at the same time.

    The perf tool can be used to create profiles for .NET Core applications. Close the previous instance of the sample debug target .

    Set the DOTNET_PerfMapEnabled environment variable to have the .NET Core application generate a map file in the / tmp directory. map should be used by perf to assign a cpu address to functions generated by JIT with Establish. For more information, see Create Scorecard .


    .6 normalized network with new prefix DOTNET_ instead of COMPlus_ for globals that customize the behavior of the .NET runtime. COMPPlus _ will still work. If you are only using one older version of .Runtime, the World Wide Web, you should always use the entire COMPlus_ prefix for environment variables.

    No doubt, run sample debug on target device from the same device session.

    debug 100 cpu

      DOTNET_PerfMapEnabled = 1 exportExecution point network 

    Train the High API processor endpoint again ( https: // localhost: 5001 / api / diagscenario / highcpu / 60000 ). During processing, run the perf command with your plan ID within the minute of the request:

      sudo perf record -p 2266 -g 

    The perf command starts the performance archiving process. Let it run for 20-30 seconds, then press Ctrl + C to complete the collection process. You will probably use the same perf command to see the trace output behind.

      sudo perf report -f 

    You can also get the flame graph using the appropriate commands:

      git clone --depth = 1 https://github.com/BrendanGregg / FlameGraphScreenplay for the film "Sudo Perf" | FlameGraph / stackcollapse-perf.pl | FlameGraph / flamegraph.pl> flamegraph.svg 

    This sale generates a flamegraph.svg file that you can view in a browser to help you investigate the effectiveness of the problem:

    On Windows, you can often use the dotnet-trace tool as a profiler. Using again this previous sample debugging exercise , all high CPU performance endpoints ( https: // localhost: 5001 / api / diagscenario / highcpu / 60000 ). While the restore is in progress for a minute, use the collect command like this:

    debug 100 cpu

      dotnet-trace collect -p 22884 --providers Microsoft-DotNETCore-SampleProfiler 

    Let dotnet-trace run for about 20-30 seconds and then press Enter to complete the collection. This results in a nettrace file located in the linked folder. The nettrace files are a great way to leverage existing Windows learning tools.

    Open nettrace for the perfview below.

    .6 in-line is actually standardized by prefixing DOTNET_ with COMPlus_ for environment variables for each configured .NET runtime behavior. However, COMPPlus_ Prefix is ongoing at this point, you can continue working. If you are using an older .Runtime application, use the COMPlus_ prefix to get environment variables.

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    Felsöka 100 Cpu
    Déboguer 100 Processeurs
    Debug 100 CPU
    100 CPU Debuggen
    Debuguj 100 Procesorów
    디버그 100 CPU
    Foutopsporing 100 CPU
    Depurar 100 CPU
    Depurar 100 CPU
    Отладка 100 ЦП

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