Steps To Fix Cisco Telepresence Presentation Codec

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    An error code may appear indicating the Cisco Telepresence Presentation codec. It turns out there are several ways to fix this problem, so we’ll come back to that shortly. The Cisco TelePresence SX80 Codec provides a powerful and flexible step for creating personalized video partnerships. SX80 and SpeakerTrack 60 dual camera system with existing speaker tracking.

    The Cisco TelePresence SX80 Codec provides a powerful and flexible platform for maximum discovery of video collaboration. The SX80 was developed with the support and creativity of the entire integrator to create customized video collaboration rooms that delight customers.

    Features And Capabilities

    What replaces the Cisco SX80?

    Cisco has now announced the WebEx Room Kit Pro, a powerful new integration codec for the new SX80 that follows the latest generation of technologies and portfolio of Cisco (formerly Spark) WebEx Room Answers, and it offers a huge addition…. created by integrators and for companies in your region

    cisco telepresence presentation codec

    It integrates HD video communications applications in large conference rooms, conference rooms, and vertical or non-standard rooms. Examples are training rooms, instruction and demonstration rooms, and amphitheaters.

    The sx80 offers high definition (HD) video pass-through up to 1080p60. This is the industry’s first offering to support H.265 and lays the foundation for future bandwidth efficiency gains made possible by the new standard. The codec includes a comprehensive and flexible media engine ready for input and output. This corresponds to three screens, which are suitable for a wide variety of applications use cases that can be customized according to your specific needs.

    Cisco is offering three SX80 Integration Packs to reduce the cost of external equipment and the total cost of streaming video to more reliable conference rooms. Packages include:

    • SX80 Codec and PrecisionHD 1080p 4X Camera for Small Rooms.
    • The SX80 Codec and Precision 60 Large Kitchen Camera are currently the best image quality on the market.
    • SX80 and the SpeakerTrack 60 Tandum camera system, which offers a variety of direct and fast switching methods for real speaker tracking.

    Add a Precision 60 camera to the back of the website and provide presenters with a “scene” using PresenterTrack *. This feature supports automatic diagnostics and tracking of moderators who follow the business as they climb and advance to all rooms.

    How does Cisco SpeakerTrack work?

    The speaker security camera product uses two cameras that work in conjunction with a built-in array of microphones. The software tracks and frames chat participants so you don’t need to manually control cameras during a meeting. Camera position presets remain available if speaker tracking is active frequently.

    The SX80 also supports switchable webinars to improve layout and usability, most often in conjunction with video on both screens with two endpoints **.

    cisco telepresence presentation codec

    In addition, you can spend space on peripherals such as lamps, kitchen partitions, curtains, etc. that come directly from the Cisco TelePresence Touch 10 and point to a custom API *. (Note: This requires an external third party system to control the processor.)

    Specifications At A Glance

    • Standards-compliant 1080p solution, similar belief in standardized video without sacrificing functionality.
    • Cisco TelePresence MultiSite integrated 1080p30 HD for customized transcoding.
    • Supports Cisco Intelligent Proximity, which is required for mobile content sharing and Mac and PC sharing **
    • Supports H.264 and H.265
    • Provides four video clip inputs at the same time.
    • Supports 1080p30 HD content
    • Supports registration with Cisco Spark services for even faster and more cost-effective deployment.
    • Ideal for team collaboration, boardrooms, professional conference rooms, and business applications.

    * Program requiredMicrosoft Collaboration Endpoint Support 8.1 or later
    ** May require higher version 8.0 of Endpoint Software

    Additional Resources

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect

  • Stub: CTS-HFR-COLLAB = CDW detail: 1700407 | UNSPSC: 43191500

    What is Cisco TelePresence SX80?

    The SX80 acts as a true audio and video engine for integrating HD video collaboration applications into beautiful conference rooms, conference rooms, and vertical application rooms. The SX80 delivers end-to-end video up to 1080p60 at exceptional resolution.

    Download this software now to fix your PC and increase its security.

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