What Are The Reasons For The Priority Loading Of BIOS Settings And How To Fix It?

In the past few days, some of our users have encountered an error message regarding BIOS settings boot priority. This problem occurs for a number of reasons. Now let’s talk about some of them.

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    BIOS settings allow booting from a removable storage device, secure disk, CD-ROM drive, or any external device. The first set in the task list usually has the first startup priority. For example, if you boot from a CD-ROM drive or hard drive, usually prioritize your CD-ROM drive before it.

    What is boot priority order?

    The boot order is a priority list. For example, as soon as the USB stick is above Hard Boost in your boot order, the home computer will try to use the USB stick, and if it is not connected then the operating system may be missing, remove the hard drive.

    Change the boot order of “bootable” devices on your computer, such as a hard drive or fixedBathroom Loading TV and radio stations into a USB port (such as a flash drive), floppy drive or optical drive is very simple.

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    Why Change The Boot Sequence?

    How do I set my BIOS to boot priority?

    Turn on the main unit and click the [Uninstall] button to enter the BIOS setup menu → select [SETUP] → select [Boot] → set the boot priority according to your own device.Select [Download Option # 1].[Boot Option # 1] is usually installed on [UEFI HARD DRIVE] or [HARD DRIVE].]

    There were several scenarios on the market where a team had to be reorganized, starting with the second, which ran data destruction tools as well as bootable antivirus. , as is good for installing an operating system.

    How To Change The Boot Sequence

    Follow these steps and change the boot order in BIOS. The cycle start modification reverses the order and the peripherals start up.

    Step Complete: Turn On Or Restart Your Computer

    Turn on or restart your computer and during the POST watch for the consequences for a specific key, usually Del or F2, which you press to press to access the BIOS setup utility < / a>. As soon as you see the message, press this special key.

    Power-on Self Test (POST).

    Step 2: Open The BIOS Setup Utility

    After constantly pressing the correct keyboard shortcut from the previous step, enter the main BIOS setup utility.

    BIOS setup utility main menu.

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  • All BIOS utilities are usually slightly different, so yours may or may not be completely different. Regardless of how it looks, almost all of them are a series of menus that contain many new and interesting settings for your computer equipment.

    For this particular BIOS, the menu options are probably listed horizontally at the top of the screen, the hardware options are usually listed in the middle (gray area), and hence the instructions to move positively in the BIOS and our changes are listed below.

    Use these instructions to navigate to the BIOS utility and find a workaround to change the boot order. In the BIOS example above, the turns are done in the menudownloads.

    Step 3. Find Boot Order Options In BIOS

    BIOS setup utility menu formatter (HDD priority).

    In most BIOS setup utilities, it will look like the screenshot above.

    All hardware connected so that you have a motherboard that you can always boot from – for example, hard drive, weak drives, USB ports, and future drives are listed here.

    The order in which devices are actually discovered is the specific order in which your computer looks for information about the operating system, more specifically the “boot order”.

    bios settings boot priority

    In the store pictured above, the BIOS is first loaded from any peripheral devices that the device considers “hard drives”, usually from an internal hard drive that sits right inside the computer.

    If there are no bootable hard drives, the BIOS then looks for bootable media in the CD-ROM drive, then bootable media that can be connected (such as a flash drivepitel), and, finally, over the network.

    To change the device to boot from the first, follow the onscreen instructions in BIOS setup to change the boot order. In our case, this is always an example, which can be changed with the + and continue – keys.

    Step 4. Change The Boot Sequence

    Launches the BIOS setup utility menu (CD-ROM priority).

    As you can imagine above, we replaced it from the hard disk shown in the previous step with a CD-ROM drive based on this example.

    The BIOS will first look for a specific boot disk in the optical drive and try to learn from the hard disk, and will also try to boot from any removable media such as a floppy disk drive, car or flash drive, or a device communication resource.

    bios settings boot priority

    Change the boot order as needed, then continue with this step to save your settings.

    Step 5. Save BIOS Changes

    Before you can set your preferred settings, you need toMost of the BIOS changes should be saved. To practice, follow the instructions that will allow you to enable the BIOS, go to the Exit or Save and Exit menu.

    BIOS setup utility exit menu.

    6. Confirm The Change Phase

    Confirm the most important changes and exit BIOS. In most cases, you will see a confirmation prompt similar to the one below, so select Yes.

    BIOS setup utility and save exit confirmation.

    Your boot order will change, and virtually any other BIOS changes you might have made will now be made and your computer will immediately reboot.

    Step 7. Start Your Computer

    Start the computer in a new boot sequence. When your laptop restarts, the BIOS tries to start the sneaker from the first device when you pay for the device you specified. If the source device is not bootable, your computerp may try to boot from the second device in boot order, and so on.

    Boot from CD.

    The boot sequence is a BIOS setting, which means it is independent of the operating system. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you buy Windows 10, Windows 8 or any other version of Windows, Linux or any computer, another operating system on your hard drive, or maybe another boot device. These instructions for modifying boot strings still apply.

    Because the BIOS setup utility is actually different, the details of where the save boot options are located differs from computer to computer. The menu option for a configuration item could be Options, Boot Boot, Boot Order, and so on. This option may even be located in a strategically located general menu such as Advanced Options, Advanced BIOS Features, or Other parameters “.

    This configuration confirmation message is oftenIt can be mysterious. The above example is reasonably clear, but I’ve seen many BIOS validation questions that were so verbose that they were often difficult to understand. Read the message carefully to make sure you invest in your changes and don’t leave without saving your changes.

    In step 4, we install the first bootable device into the CD-ROM drive as an example. As you can see in the screenshot above, the computer tries to boot from the CD, but first asks for confirmation. This only happens with some bootable CDs and does not appear even if Windows or other devices are booted from the hard drive. Setting the boot order to manually boot from a disc such as CD, DVD or BD is the most common reason for this change, I badly wanted to include this screenshot as an example.

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