How To Fix Error 13.1.50

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect

  • I have an HP4050, but it’s about a year old, there are 52,000 sites. Started publishing a trustworthy nag yesterday, featuring a special paper 1/1/50 feed 1, the latter paper keeps errors in the event log.

    It crashes 90% of the time due to this skill error, but prints correctly and quietly in Tray 1 (the smallest and largest drop-down tray). Although this confirms a paper jam, paper that does not appear to have moved may come from the main tray, lower tray, after an error occurs.

    Looking at the rubber parts, they look good like the rest (and this is not for adult printers). Is there any chance that my pickup kit will be recommended in the troubleshooting section here?

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    June 2006

    On our prototype 4050 printers, we see a lot of errors: 13.2 50 followed by 13.1 50.
    Some of them seem to agree with the PCL 41.05.00 bug.

    I did a repair on one of them, and after that abouterrors returned on 7500 pages. Am I starting to think that information technology might be a sensor somewhere?

    Offers ?
    K M

    Although the LJ 5000 is a very old printer, it worked fine for a while and was regularly serviced, including the 30,000 page fuser and hot separators / rollers. It is measured using a 150,000-page duplex unit.

    While new printers are likely to be offered, the 5000 does what it needs: i large volumes of black and white printing. I don’t want to replace it if I don’t have the option.

    13.1.50 error

    Recently, the printer went crazy with 13.2 Duplex paper jam messages on this control panel when duplexing on a standard A4 80g / m² copier. However, there is no evidence that the paper was deformed, or even for any other apparent reason. (Most often there are 3 sheets of paper in the way of printing, and these should also be removed)

    A3 paper works fine, but A4 size seems to report errors every 16-32 blog pages. The problem arises with stores or in a department and 2, or in a very large compartment for page 500.

    In the Firewood event, they are indicated as 13.2 (paper stopped) and even 13.1 (paper expired), but usually the error code is followed by any two-digit I number that really refers to a specific sensor. Errors are also slightly different: 13.2 70, 13.1 58, 13.2 50 and one of the subjects 13.1 50.

    I was wondering if the sensor was available as an option, but all the alarm systems I’ve tested look ok (if I keep working they will report a jam). Given the above report, can anyone point directly to the specific sensors causing our problem? … (20 odds are 13.1 61 or 13.2 58, and 3 – twelve, 2 70)

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    13.1.50 error

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