How To Fix Cubase Error 001 Key Error

You should read these solution ideas when you get 001 cled error cubase.

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    Sometimes users using Cubase or Encounter Arturia VST will get a “CLED Error” message when they restart the system. This is actually a proprietary bug caused by a (read crack) dongle emulator software developed for a (now defunct, I guess) company called H20, written to bypass any of Syncrosoft’s complex dongle copy protection system.

    An important mistake to avoid is deleting CLED.EXE from registry startup blog posts. CLED.EXE is a tray application that runs on Syncrosoft dongle live device emulation, usually in the system device tree. In case of removal, partial installation of twins or other problems, CLED.EXE has problems communicating with the device. Of course, removing the CLED and/or the device will remove the application software hack as a side effect.

    For people far off the mark who want to use partially hacked old music, the software is for research purposes only and expects to buy the real deal (it’s not a fakeseries: NO working crack for latest versions on Cubase and some Arturia soft synths, to work with real targets you need to buy a specific real thing), here is a simple guide how to fix CLED error problem.

    – uninstall all Syncrosoft software first, cled.exe

    – purge our own registry of all entries (even CLSID registry trees) related to syncrosoft

    – Find a really updated version of True Emu Syncrosoft Driver 5.01 and this

    – Attach original software reinstallation: When reinstalling Syncrosoft software

    That’s it: just a rough guide, of course you need to know what you’re doing (don’t try, if you’re aiming you could blow your whole system up), and it’s not guaranteed to work anyway. However, you can find better products and services than on the Internet…

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    What Is CLED Error Srv#001

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    After the SERV #001 CLED error appears correctly, start the task manager (Ctrl-Shift-Esc keys). This type will unlock the mouse cursor and you will be able to remove the error. Your silent taskbar is blocked. In the task manager, open a new task, of course, set the msconfig entry. You will get a dialog box showing more on a tab named “Start” for duplicate entries. I installed Cubase and found this add-on twice with TINTSETUP, after turning it off (didn’t check) restarted. If everything went well, the CLED error will disappear. cmd=”expand”>


    I’m looking in “msconfig” but I can’t really find “Autostart for advanced entries” or “TINTSETUP”

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    After receiving and installing the latest recommendations,Received Windows messages, mainly related to MS Office 2009 security updates, when starting the PC, the following error window is displayed:

    When this box is displayed, crouching is not possible.
    When I press Ctrl, Alt delete, it appears as a temporary process, and when “End document task” it disappears, but this computer ignores most of the basic commands. happens

    001 cled error cubase

    (This was before, after installing the same updates, but after going back to that restore point just before changing the installation, it didn’t resume.)

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect

  • Well…….. since I’m an idiot as punishment, I recently installed the updates again and… voila, that idiot again! :'(

    001 cled error cubase


    Guys I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have 2 operating systems on my computer – Win XP x32 and x64.

    When trying to install the H2O driver for SONAR 6 Producers On Edition Win XP x64, I failed and got the following error message;

    Error SRV #001 CLED.

    Е If you’re having this problem, please let me know how to fix it and why it’s happening.

    Thank you, great offer to everyone who is still here!!!!

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    001 Wyczyszczony Błąd Kubaza
    001 Borrado Error Cubase
    001 끌레드 에러 큐베이스
    001 Erro Cled Cubase
    001 Cled Erreur Cubase
    001 Elimina Errore Cubase
    001 Cled Error Cubase
    001 Код Ошибка Cubase
    001 Cled-Fehler Cubase
    001 Cled Error Cubase

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